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We analyse some of most popular cheap hotel websites to determine which hotel website is best value for money.


The hotels on offer vary from hotel website to hotel website, so we let the consumer judge which is the best company to get the best offers. We have analysed hundreds of hotel/holiday websites and narrowed it down to the 3 most popular.




If you are a hotel bargain hunter looking for the cheapest deals, then try grab yourself a hotel bargain. Often you can find 4* hotels for £19, so don’t be shy and treat yourself to wonderful getaway. Such offers only have a limited availability so we recommend you grab it as soon as you can otherwise you could miss out on a massive hotels savings.
Most Popular-Laterooms
Laterooms- Tripsadvisor users have purchasedthe most bargain hotels from late rooms.CurrentlyDe Vere hotelshave rooms for £19 depending on Lateroomswhen you book.De Vere Hotelsare luxury hotels often in beautiful locations. CurrentlyLateroomslets you take advantage of the offers. Another way to bag a bargain is booking selecting secret rooms from Laterooms.
Thesecret roomssection from Lateroomsoffers bargain prices often for UK's most prestigious 4 and 5 star properties. However the hotel companies are reluctant to provide you the name of the exact hotel but are willing to provide general locations, the star rating and the current guest rating. The hotel companies do not want to devalue their brand orwant it's core customers to feel they have paid too much.Well if you want to bag a bargain and still want to know the name of the hotel, then there is sneaky solution. Often the companies use the same descriptions on their website. If you copy and paste some of the secret room information from Lateroomsinto a search engine then you will probably find all the information your after.
Lateroomsoffer a dizzying array of properties and millions of deals across the UK and worldwide - from B&Bs to castles to hotels to apartments to chalets... all at unutterably low prices.

Laterooms work completely independently from any hotel groups and so any hotel property can join our site. Consequently, Lateroomsoffer a uniquely expansive breadth of properties. Lateroomsoffer everything from Paradores in Spain and Agriturismo in Italy to large hotel chains and luxury properties - everything.

Lateroomsoffer a unique vehicle through which hotels across the globe can sell their empty rooms. In order to ensure rooms are filled, hotels are willing to drop their prices - whether this is at the last minute or up to 12 months in advance. They are responsible for uploading their rates, availability and information. Laterooms simply specialise in securing the best deals, and making them accessible to everyone.

Laterooms are constantly striving to improve their customer experience, and also offer real guest reviews, written by Lateroomscustomers.

Number users have purchased the second most bargain hotels from is a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide, offering reservation services through its own network of localised websites and telephone call centres. gives travellers one of the widest selections of accommodation on the net, including both independent and major chain hotels as well as self-catering in over 120,000 properties worldwide. Hotels.comoffers a one-stop shopping source for hotel pricing, amenities and availability and also specialises in providing travellers with accommodation during sold-out periods.
Number 3-Expedia
Expedia-Tripsadvisor users have purchasedthe third most bargain hotels from expedia.
Expediamakes it easy to find the holiday that is right for you. Launched in November 1998, Expedia is operated by Expedia Inc.,the world’s largest online travel company. The award winning Expedia is the largest online travel provider for the UK, serving millions of travellers every year. Expediahave A directory of more than 80,000 hotels world-wide and 4 million rooms.

Common questions

Is it still possible to get bargain hotel deals?

Hotel bargains have been slipping year on year. As the economy recovers, it is getting harder to get a truly bargain hotel deal. However there are still hotel bargain deals to be had. After seven consecutive quarters of price falls, the Global hotel prices stabilised in the first half of 2010

Has the currency (sterling) affected hotel prices?

UK travellers benefitted from good hotel rates against the euro recently compared to previously. However it did not fare so well against the US Dollar as the US dollar has recently strengthened.

Which areas have the most expensive hotels in the UK?

Hotels in Bath are the most expensive in the country. Bath hotels have been most expensive year on year with it averaging £111 per night for hotel rooms. The reason why hotels in bath are so expensive is because of the limited number of hotels, ensuring that rates stay fairly high. Also prices of London hotels have shown strong signs of recovery.

Which areas have the cheapest hotels in the UK?
Durham hotel prices fell most sharply between Q2 2009 and Q2 2010. They were down 17% to just £67 per night. The Welsh cities of Cardiff and Swansea also saw prices drop sharply – down 8% in both cases to £76 and £72, respectively.
Which areas is most popular for UK Travellers?
London was the most popular domestic destination with UK travellers according to the Hotel Price Index.
Edinburgh came in at number two on the list with Manchester in third place. Glasgow and Birmingham made up the remainder of the top-five most popular domestic destinations for UK travellers.
New York was the most popular overseas destination for UK travellers in Q2 2010. In fact, there are four US cities in the top-20 list, with Las Vegas, San Francisco and Orlando all in the table.
Paris was the third most popular overseas destination and top European city for UK travellers. However, the top European city-break destinations then dominate the table, with Dublin, Rome, Amsterdam and Barcelona making up the next four spots.
Other destinations to feature include the Far East cities of Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore. The continuing appeal of Eastern European city breaks is also evident in the top-20, with Krakow and Prague both featuring in the table.